12th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on
Comparative Pathology
June 1-2, 2001

J. Talan-Hraniloviæ, B. Božiæ*, A. Kogler*, J. Hat**, T. Sajko*
”Ljudevit Jurak” University Department of Pathology , *Department of Neurosurgery, 
**Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
”Sestre milosrdnice” University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia
Aim of this case report is to present a rare symptomatic choroid plexus cyst in an 70 year-old man.
Small asymptomatic cysts of the choroid plexus are a frequent incidental finding at necropsy. Their size usualy does not extend beyond 1,5-2 cm in diameter. Only rarely may they be large enough to cause symptoms.
The patient and methods - A 70 year old man was admitted to hospital due to headaches which lasted about two months. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a large lesion  70,2 x 47,4 x 56,7 mm  in the left temporoparietal region with compression of the lateral ventricle. Patient uderwent  surgery. Pathohistological analysis of the intraoperative and postoperative samples determined parts of the choroid plexus cyst. Immunohystochemistry was performed using primary antibodies purchased at the DAKO Corporation. PAP method  was used. The epithelium of the choroidal cyst showed strong immunoreactivity for cytokeratin, S-100 protein, vimentin and NSE.
Total removal of the cyst has been performed, and the patient achieved  complete recovery.
Conclusion  and actualities  Huge and symptomatic cysts of the choroid plexus are rare. Before 1985 ten such symptomatic cases had  been reviewed from the literature. In the recent literature we came across four cases of symptomatic choroidal cysts in adults.
Today,  prenatal sonographic studies in the second and third trimesters  are numerous and determine the presence of choroid plexus cysts in the fetus with an incidence of about 0,65%. Associated anatomic anomalies include a chromosomal abnormality (trisomies 18 and 21 are possibl). It  is debatable weather choroid plexus cyst in a fetus is a benign anatomic variant or  pathologic entity.


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