12th Ljudevit Jurak International Symposium on
Comparative Pathology
June 1-2, 2001

D. Curcæ, L. Pantæ, V. Andronie, I.C. Andronie
Department of Physiopathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
Quantitative and qualitative modifications are highly important in the understanding of different biologic processes such as growth and development or pathologic processes with an implication to this protein, which is spread throught  the body. Collagen determination was carried out by an indirect biochemical method, which considers hydroxyproline dosing in accordance with the method described by Neuman and Logan. Collagen quality was evaluated by the Hill’s method, based on the determining of collagen solubility in ¼ of warm Ringer solution.
Experimental research carried out considered the influence of Bio-Chrome (Alltech product) supplement in the mix feed based on the use of trivalent organic chrome which is implied in many metabolic processes especially in tolerance of the body in comparison with glucose, in the stimulation of insulin activity and in obtaining stress situation both in young animals and in grown-ups. The product Sel-Plex (Alltech)  represents an organic selenium formula, 50% seleno-methionine, the rest seleno-amino-acids and protein, which ensure a good function of the heart muscle, stimulating immunity and gonadic function. It prevents skeleton muscle miodistrophia by its participation in the content of the following antioxidants: superoxide-dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, participating at the same time in the formation of active tiroxine (T3), preventing the lowering of membrane lipoproteins and the formation of free radicals formation with toxic action. The supplement with Bio-Chrome was done by administrating in the diet of broilers the diet 21/1, or 400 g/kg mix feed for 30 days. We noticed that Bio-Chrome product stimulated collagen biosynthesis especially those in pectoral muscles, which increased with 40.95% in comparison with control batch. This change was due to the increased content of insoluble collagen, which was 62.73% higher in comparison with non-supplemented diet with Bio-Chrome  while soluble collagen increase 27.59%. The same results were also in the collagen within the thigh-shank muscles but in much lower intensity. The total collagen increased with 25.12% and the insoluble one with only 5.23%, while soluble collagen increased with 48.26%. We have to mention that the increasing of collagen in the thigh-shank muscles takes place especially on the basis of soluble collagen contents. The insoluble/soluble collagen ratio decreases with 28.45% in comparison with the control batch, changes  are due to the increase of soluble collagen quantity.
The supplement of the diet with Sel-Plex in  quantity of 200 g/kg mix feed for 30 days of broilers determined a non-significant increase of total collagen contents from the pectoral muscles (9.21%) showing a tendency of insoluble collagen increase with 24.99% and of soluble collagen decrease with 8.8%.
The insoluble/soluble collagen ratio increases highly with 26.23%, in comparison with the control batch. The thigh-shank muscles total collagen increased in a reduced proportion with 3.25%, the insoluble ones with 7.49% and the soluble one with 9.08%, while the insoluble/soluble collagen ratio decreases with 0.87%.

The research field was supported by the Grant-in-Aid for Ministry 
of Education, Romania, No. CNCSIS 691/2000, Theme No. 3 in the fiscal year 2000.

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